05-09-24 Placeholder set up in preliminary planning for potential November 24 show !
05-09-24 Here is the survey Con Dir put up

Hello Out There ! Free Hornets President & TC-16 Contest Director here, trying something new for him

 While we as a club have already voted to proceed with planning stages for another Tri City Classic ( #16 wow) not long ago, there is currently no possible way to fix a firm date as yet at our preferred locale in Fremont. 
Still, it is about the ideal time to get seriously underway with the necessary administration/executive works for putting any kind of event in November this year. Been there, done that, so don't bother contesting me on this premise.

Right now, I have 5 working themes with one already a clear favorite for my effort commitment, 2 closely related ones as a tie for close second. Choices four and five are one brand new and one in play from 2016. By end of May, I'd like to have settled on the final answer to get the big push underway in a calm steady fun manner.

For serious interest on seeing what comes of this on my part, I am putting this simple survey question out now:

Q: Given that we have for a majority of the TriCity Classics, used a "Geographic Focus" for our contest theme which of these "geography sets" would be your chosen preference, perhaps motivating your attendance/entry?

1)  Entry Subject anything from Israel, Egypt, Syria, USA, Russia or directly related

2)  Entry Subject anything from USA, Cuba or Central/South America or directly related

3)  Entry Subject anything from USA or USSR or UK or directly related (set 1975 to 1990s)

4)  Entry Subject anything from Mexico or directly related

5)  Entry Subject anything from USA, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, UK or directly related

Send me your answer/comments to this email address, please: DAZE61283@mypacks.net PLEASE :-)

05-30-24 SURPRISE the final outcome is going to be answer #2, framed with a movie to suit as below:

TC16_4thFINAL.pdf TC16_4thFINAL.pdf
Size : 202.656 Kb
Type : pdf
TC16LTMEmAwardData.pdf TC16LTMEmAwardData.pdf
Size : 217.358 Kb
Type : pdf
TC16_2024_Specials_REFDATA.pdf TC16_2024_Specials_REFDATA.pdf
Size : 704.678 Kb
Type : pdf
RegForm2k24TC.pdf RegForm2k24TC.pdf
Size : 78.706 Kb
Type : pdf
TC16_EntryInfo_Tag2.pdf TC16_EntryInfo_Tag2.pdf
Size : 143.218 Kb
Type : pdf