Like title says - Where We (OK, sometimes just the Hornets Editor) GO OFF

HERE on the LEFT - Rants & Raves Anew

While this club website was "in hiatus" in the weeks prior to TriCity Eight, Contest Director & Web Editor Mick determined the answer to his nervous condition was produce a "temporary rant rag" and call it a newsletter. Now 09-2014, this now is a permanent condition to reduce stress, increase fun, perhaps interest new members.

Welcome to the Buzz of the Free Hornets V.1

NOW POSTED are the first ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN editions, it's only published otherwise by subscription email. With website on new server, see what happens.

BELOW are newest uploads (117) (118) (119) (120) (121)

 # 114, 115 now  moved into 2023 archive. # 116 moved into 2024 archive

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 While here ON THE RIGHT                        
(which of course, all of this is, unquestionably)   
 you can open ANY
( reformatted to read as one vs two part, in some cases)  PAST BUZZ WEBSITE EDITORIAL which had been posted on Hornet Gallery site. Top to bottom, oldest to newest   

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