2004 saw the Free Hornets return to hosting large scale contest events with TriCity Classic One Details and results of which haven't been easily available for years, now being posted right here 

More to follow, but right below, here's at least the final answer in form of who and what won the Special Awards and 1/2/3 placements in the categories of this, our FIRST TriCity Classic !

TC1_SPECIALwins.pdf TC1_SPECIALwins.pdf
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 We had some creativity in selecting the "Tri" themed winner for the first TriCity Award.

 There were a great many interesting turns in what showed at our Tricity One. In Miscellany we had 3 GLIDERS take top places, one was a Camp Colditz "escape glider" ! Hornets had a Gruppe Entry, "Wacky Air Racers", which took First Place in Collections. Real Air Racers had their own category, and we had a lot show up. 1/96 & smaller aircraft ended up needing split into "Axis" and "Non Axis" to help Judging.

TC1_123winner.pdf TC1_123winner.pdf
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 A very successful inaugural, which featured a simple Make 'n Take evolving into creation of a special "M & T" category during show run.

 So M&T team leaders ran out, got supplies to create "awards" in time. All of which helped to keep a restless audience entertained when Judging took longer than was scheduled for the "normal" operations.  A lesson learned ! 

 There's a small sampling of what showed up here on this page, including most of Special Award winners. But to really see it all means going to "Gallery Site" of Free Hornets, where under "Contests" you will find TriCity 2004.