2006 the Free Hornets strode boldly forward with a theme which celebrated the many warriors who served honorably and long, while never "seeing the elephant" in that time, to borrow a phrase

The "TriCity Award" here for a third rendition, echoed "tripoley theme" of first two outings however with a delicious twist, excellent matching to the overall "Never A Shot In Anger" contest thema. It was "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" award for subjects like the TSR-2, F5D, F-103, F-107, F-108, XB-70

 Projects that may have served long and well in their time, if only they had been given a chance ...

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Never A Shot ... not so when came to awards or entries vying for them.  While this contest didn't have quite the numbers that first two TC Classics did, response to themes and in quality models was as ever, excellent

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