SURPRISE !   The RESULTS  of  TC-6  "From Russia With Love" event  

Which never had web presence for distribution before/during/after (we ran on even older club website of a low rent nature, then run by an indifferent editor) Now it can be seen and detailed. 

TC6_SpecialsWin.pdf TC6_SpecialsWin.pdf
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 Interesting factoid about this event, the post mortem analysis by the CD discerned that EVERYONE WHO ENTERED WON at least one award !
 Having been Exec or part of staff of many of these type events, this was the first time in his memory that this particular circumstance had occurred.

 In the small gallery on left, you can see those very nice awards produced by William Ferrante of Scorpio Designs, utterly on theme and creative ! 

 Plus "Warhawks of Newark" Gruppe Build for The Free Hornets.

 Also very surprised but pleased winner of the two "Secret Awards" (they weren't listed or known to any one on staff except the CD, The Awards Maker and the impartial judges we sent out to choose the winner(s).

The "007 Award" for the best "Killer Finish" and the "KGB Award" for the model most deserved to win something in its class but didn't, both went to the HMS Cranberry, in 1/72 scale, located just above her builder on right
 You can find the complete set of  Web Editor Mick Burton's shots of this contest (of which he was Contest Director) at website Hornet's Gallery under Contests, at TriCity 2009


TC6_123winner.pdf TC6_123winner.pdf
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