9-29-13 was OUR NINTH TRICITY CLASSIC Scale Model Competition and Show  We went "Dutch" this time out .

RESULTS Below for Special Award & Categories , also the Special Awards Reference guide that was available ahead of time  -  CD MickB

Thank YOU all who came, played at TC-9.. Made the Contest Director's day when he got chance to "split" the categories of "UNFINISHED" and "HISTORICAL FIGURES" 

TC9_123_Win.pdf TC9_123_Win.pdf
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Type : pdf
TC9_SpecialsWin.pdf TC9_SpecialsWin.pdf
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This document package was a communications effort by the CD for purpose of explicating "Special Awards". Proved can't please all ...
TC9_2013_Specials_R2.pdf TC9_2013_Specials_R2.pdf
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Type : pdf

 Two Special Awards weren't given out, a shame as the post event analysis showed qualifying entries for each that never got signed up for them. Judges & CD don't have time to find them in chaos of show, so sign up !  

               Below, a look at those left behind 

FHTC9_4B_BridgeTooFar.pdf FHTC9_4B_BridgeTooFar.pdf
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FHTC9_5_Famke.pdf FHTC9_5_Famke.pdf
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6-03-24 Lo and behold ran across this timely bit
(timely then at least) article on TC-9, added here
below. It's the cover story in the October OSS
Although as noted on the left, there were TWO Special Awards that didn't find home that day,
most of them did. Here's looking at a few ...
FHTC9_3A_Fokker.pdf FHTC9_3A_Fokker.pdf
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FHTC9_4A_BridgeTooFar.pdf FHTC9_4A_BridgeTooFar.pdf
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FHTC9_9_Ayrton.pdf FHTC9_9_Ayrton.pdf
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OSS_OCT_2013.pdf OSS_OCT_2013.pdf
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