11-17-22  Event successfully held 11-05-22   Begin Annex Archive Page for this event- Setup titling, thematic, graphics add the final flyers, final award results PDFs, supplement data for some awards (SA13), basic turnout data (52/243) 
11-22-22 Posted first 12 Special Awards with examples of Awards, Winners data and pictures of awarded subject
11-23-22 Posted final 12 Special Awards with examples as above, subject to additional revision as the "missing" award graphics for the Lester Tockerman "It Figures" Junior Award Series plaques are resurrected, for next season's usage.
This time, our cinematic framing theme translates to this:
Anything EARTH, MOON, or SPACE RELATED directly in Real or Fictional terms
EVENT RETURNING after a FIVE YEAR HIATUS - Offering 60 categories of competition for awards placing in 1/2/3 for Aircraft, Armor, Automotive,SF/Horror/Fantasy,Figures,Dioramas,GUNDAM, PAPER Modelling PLUS EXPANDED Real Space. Also having 24 Special Awards including Best Of's
Among the Specials for this event:
LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE   for Best Lockheed or EE Lightning or Arado Ar-234 Blitz
SPACE CAMP    for most camp, silly, humorous or obscure Space Related subject
TRANQUILITY BASE   for Best Base for a Model (non diorama)
REACH FOR THE SKY  for the Best Patrol or Recce Aircraft, Real Space (Historic) or 1800s Western Subject, as favorites relating to Steven "Sky" Quock, Free Hornet in whose memory this award given
Splendid Single Point Photo Record of TC-14 Available with Many Thanks to Vladimir Yakubov
SA1 Best of Show Senior
Jagdtiger        Bob Meyers    Castro Valley
SA3-FIAT Award Best Contest Theme Subject 
Bonestell Design 3   Philip Avila  San Leandro
SA4B- Best Cold War Rocketry
Sputnik (1957)  William Ferrante  Vacaville
SA5- Voyager or V'Ger Best Post 1975 Space
 Enterprise Re-fit       Gabriel Lee    Fremont  
SA7-KAHMS Best American Fighter Subject
Curtiss Hawk 81      Ronald Tom   San Jose
SA9-ADEL Best Prehistoric Subject
Machairodus           Chris Bucholtz   Alameda
SA11-Lightning Strikes Twice 
P-38J  PTO                 Peter Long       Fremont
SA13A- It Figures First (juniors only -$50)
                Shaurya Patwardhan   Fremont
SA13B-It Figures Again (juniors only-$25)
                Sagan McChristian  San Jose
SA13C-It Figures 'N All Adds Up ($25)
Not Awarded No Qualifying Entrant
SA14-Best In Category AIRCRAFT
F/A-18B        Dany Galgani   East Garrison
SA16-Best In Category AUTOMOTIVE
Ferrari 310B             William Chan   Fremont
SA18-Best In Category SHIP or SPACESHIP
U-9 U-boat                    Bob Phillips   Stockton
SA20-KJMA Contest Director's Choice
Jagdtiger             Bob Meyers    Castro Valley
SA22-Best Women In Aerospace Subject
Space Shuttle            Mark Wong     Hayward
SA24 - TRICITY 14 SAT Award  for Service to the Fremont Hornets and/or Region 9 Community

Lester Tockerman - Monterey CA (Posthumous)
11-17-22 FINAL RESULTS POSTING-52 entrants with 243 entries in competition on the tables.
Below are the PDFs of each set of awards won
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Type : pdf
JUNIORSwinTC14.pdf JUNIORSwinTC14.pdf
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Size : 119.941 Kb
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11-22-22 Special Awards SA1 to SA12 posted with shot of award (or art proof of glass award)
along with winner data and shot of the entry
11-23-22 Special Awards SA13 to SA24 posted
minus graphics for the SA13 series Memorial
11-24-22 Special Awards SA13 Gallery added
06-01-23 SPECIAL Issue TC-14 Event Review Buzz #107 loaded for reference
Buzz_107.pdf Buzz_107.pdf
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SA2-Best of Show Junior
Aegis Gundam   Julian Kaminaga   Fremont
SA4A-Best Early Years (Goddard to Gagarin)
V-2 Rocket        Joe Zablocki       Martinez
SA4C- Best Man In Space Subject
Space Shuttle        Mark Wong     Hayward
SA6-KDMA Most Quirky or Creative Entry
Pinball Figure             Roger ?       Alameda
SA8-Tranquility Base (Best Base non diorama)
"Welcome to Iraq" M1A2  Dave Parks  Newark
SA10-Best 1918 Subject
Gunboat BobR  Vladimir Yakubov Morgan Hill
SA12-Space Camp
Earth Vs The Flying Saucers  
William Ferrante   Vacaville
SA15-Best In Category ARMOR
Jagdtiger        Bob Meyers     Castro Valley
SA17-Best In Category FIGURE or ROBOT
Sitting Bull                Ronald Tom    San Jose
SA19-Best In Category DIORAMA
Not Awarded (a lapse in Judgement, sorry)
SA21-"Reach for the Sky" Steve "Sky" Quock Best Patrol, Recce Aircraft or 1800s Western 
OS2U Kingfisher     Ron Darcy   Castro Valley
SA23-"Houston..."(Diamond in the Rough)
Northrop GAMMA 2A   Mark Schynert  Fremont
AND YES...    Like James Bond 007, 
THE TRICITY CLASSIC... will return !