NOT SO LONG AGO (2011) WE HAD JUST RETURNED TO HOSTING TRICITY SHOWS and one of our members tried his hand out as the Contest Director for 1st Time

 Congratulations again to Mr Woodrow Yeung for a successful show, and here again able to be revisited, Tri City Classic 7, themed on any subject Japanese or related directly. 

This Contest was quite notable for having our most "Regional or Nats" level awards package, basically equalled in expense what normally an entire TriCity event (including awards!) had and does run us. Quite the Buzz afterwards for those who'd missed this event, and a big reward to those who had not.

 This also was our first time using the Milpitas Community Center as the event locale for a Free Hornets show. Another feather in Woody's cap !

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  Extensive coverage of this show can be found in the Hornet's Gallery website. 838 photos total in 3 albums, shot by 3 different folk. Look in Contests, TriCity 2011

06-03-24 - Happened across this then timely article on the TriCity 7 so have added it to this Memories page

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