The "Good German" theme proved to be a solid choice. 

68 entrants, 271 Entries, 50 categories. ALL 20 Special Awards taken home !

On the right, the Flyer, the Special Award Ref and Extra Special Award Reference, because the Straight Wing Jets and Mercedes Benz Promotions deserved extra emphasis !

The End Results of course, also included in the space, for sake of completeness

09-08-16 Added a Gallery at bottom left, of the
majority of Special Awards given out to entries
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                 SA-1 " Best of Show Senior "                 Blenheim IV, Roy Sutherland, Tracy

SA-3 "The Desert Fox"  Best of Contest Theme Ju-87D-8 Stuka       Rod Bettencourt,      Clovis

SA-4B          " Best Marine" (German)    Subject    U-Boat Type 7  David Frederick, Laguna Niguel

 SA-5 "A New Germany" Best Post '45 German "Heinrich"    Hubert Chan,    Elk Grove

SA-7     Know A Hornet's Mighty Sting          P-47D Cripes a Mighty, Ben Pada, San Jose

 SA-9 Diamond In The Rough, Best from Worst  M1 120mm AA Gun, Mark Wong, Hayward

SA-11 Dawn of Time, Best Prehistoric Subject Titanis Walleri, Chris Bucholtz, Alameda

                 SA-13             Best Armor                       Crusader III     Hubert Chan, Elk Grove

   SA-15                 Best Figure                       Titanus Walleri, Chris Bucholtz, Alameda

 SA-17      John McLane Memorial Award          Bf-109G-6, Mark Glidden, Ladera Ranch

SA-19 "Mightiest Mercedes" Winner
Gotha G IV, Mark Glidden, Ladera Ranch

     SA-2 " Best of Show Youth/Junior                   German WW2 AA , Presley Zhang ,  Palo Alto

SA-4A "Best Vengeance Weapon (V-1, 2 or 3) "   V-2                 Juan Flores,     San Jose

SA-4C "Best Battle of the Bulge" Subject Typhoon 1b,  Rod Bettencourt, Clovis

SA-6    KDMA Most Creative or Quirky Entry     "Lt Kilgore & His Board" Philip Gin, San Mateo

 SA-8             Best 1915 Subject                           Fokker E 3,    Mike Braun, San Francisco

    SA-10        Best Straight Wing Jet               F-84E Thunderjet,  Leo Groba,  Fremont

SA-12          Best Aircraft                                  F4U-1 Corsair, Mark Glidden, Ladera Ranch

           SA-14            Best Automotive                  '32 Ford      Bradley D Chun, Mountain Home

 SA-16           Best Ship or SpaceShip         Torpedo Boat 205, Vladimir Yakubov, Newark

SA-18 Steve Travis Award for Service FH/R-9  David Anderson, San Jose

SA-20 " K Jung Memorial" Contest Dir's Choice 25Z Russian SPG, Lee Marcum, Salinas

Just in case you're interested, that 1/35 armor
you see here, is a scale model from PAPER !