Finally. A chance to revisit and suitably archive this signal moment in Free Hornets history ! This was the First TC Classic with the "movie/geography" theme metric. Boldly chosen by TC4 Contest Director Mark Schynert, "The Italian Job" framed cleverly our desire to have fun and seriously see an effort for contestants in some measure to focus on "models romanus". This event also saw in  a superb support effort by Hobbytown of Fremont, which sponsored three additional categories offering three award places in each, for Novice, Best Paint, and Most Realistic. Quite a show !

For the first time since 2007 event occurred,  results of "The Italian Job" are easily found. A cool finish with a Lamborghini Formula racer taking the "theme" award and the Ken Durling Memorial award went to a "hot rod vending machine". Very spot on the spirit of trophy !

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