Second of our "movie/geography" theme scheme, launched by Contest Director Mark Schynert in 2007 with TC-4 "The Italian Job". This theme of "French or French based" subjects proved popular

There were of course Special Awards as well as 1/2/3 in Category, and Specials included one for 30 years of French Connection to a certain portion of Southeast Asia well known to several generations.  Also featured an award from then extant HobbyTown Fremont, that went to a spectacular collection by Jim Lund of SVSM

  You can see the majority of these items in Hornet's Gallery site, Gallery "TriCity 2008". On left, a sampling

  Below, award results, which also help illustrate the Francophilic fun we had that long ago day. Enjoy !

TC5_123winner.pdf TC5_123winner.pdf
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TC5_SPECIALSwinn.pdf TC5_SPECIALSwinn.pdf
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